The market is global. Though our focus is on Muslims living in Europe, North America and Australia, our products are already sold in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa. Our target audience consists of Muslims in the West, Muslims in the Muslim world and Non-Muslims Worldwide.

Awakening markets and promotes its products aggressively and is now an established brand name in the field of Islamic music, publications and media. It places adverts in major Muslim magazines, newspapers, radio and satellite channels.

As well as having corporate presence at significant Muslim conventions and concerts, Awakening also uses the internet effectively to market its products. It is a pioneer in producing high quality Islamic music
video to promote its music releases.

Awakening has secured distribution deals for its products in many countries worldwide including UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait,
Egypt, South Africa, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Awakening distributes its products online through its own online store, with orders handled by a professional fulfilment centre based in the UK and USA, shipping orders worldwide.

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