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Founded in 2000, Awakening Worldwide is a pioneering global Islamic media company with particular focus on music and publishing. It seeks to educate and entertain within a framework which is both inspiring and compels social change.

This parent group now includes five sub divisions:

Awakening Publications
Awakening Records
Awakening Productions
Awakening Store
Awakening Live

Awakening Worldwide has its headquarters in London and branch offices in France and the Middle East.

The Awakening brand is recognised as one of the most respected Islamic media and publishing companies. For more than a decade, Awakening has been instrumental in increasing standards throughout this sector - whether it be an album release or a full blown live concert.

Awakening wishes to promote a positive, relevant, balanced and moderate image of Islam at all times. We aim to produce a range of high quality products and events which are educational, enlightening, spiritually uplifting and entertaining.

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