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The UOIF exhibition (9th - 13th April 09) was a great success for Awakening and coincides with the opening of a new branch office in Nantes, France. With over 120,000 people attending the event, it was a great opportunity for Awakening to showcase its range of products and services. Mesut Kurtis signed copies of his new album 'Beloved' which was launched at the event.

In addition to our product showcase, Awakening held a series of live auditions as part of our TalentSearch initiative. The striking exhibition stand made a significant impact at UOIF. This three day event also afforded us the opportunity to network with those directly involved in wholesale and retail operations.

France was the launchpad for the new album by Mesut Kurtis. As a follow up to Mesut's successful debut 'Salawat', 'Beloved' was received with critical acclaim. The album features striking duets with Maher and Irfan Makki and a series of music videos are currently in production.

Mesut Kurtis thrilled the 40,000 capacity crowd with his set which commenced with 'Burdah' and continued with tracks from his new album. The result was an astonishing performance where fans enthusiastically sang along with the songs and one which was received with rapturous applause.

Awakening has opened its new office in Nantes, France and has appointed Farid Abdel Karim as the managing director of Awakening France. Farid spent five years with Gedis in Paris a media and production company prior to his recent appointment and is himself a popular speaker and author.

With the largest Muslim population in Europe, France presents a tremendous opportunity for Awakening to realise its expansion potential. The move has been made as Awakening expands its international network, with the French team directly responsible to HQ in London.

Awakening's Chairman Sultan Alturki said "This is an exciting time for us. Targeting our core products in other countries is a logical step in the company's growth. We are confident Awakening will become an international brand in the next few years."

Awakening Records is pleased to announce the signing of German Muslim artist Sa'ad Chemmari. Hailing from Morocco, Sa'ad has performed all over Germany and more recently in France. He released his first album in 2005.

As a seasoned professional musician, he composes and arranges his own tracks. Without doubt, Sa'ad possesses a distinctive and spiritually uplifting vocal style. 'Sahar', his new album for Awakening Records will be released later this year.

Awakening Records signs Mohammed al-Haddad, its first Saudi Arabian artist. Based in Jeddah, he brings the Khaliji sound to the label, a style renowned for its distinctive percussive beats and the dramatic
sound of the oud.

Mohammed is an experienced producer and has worked with professional musicians including Ustadh Ghazi Ali. His new album is sure to appeal to listeners in the Gulf and Arabian regions.

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